Fine Supplements Products From Japan Now In The Philippines

Not so long ago, life expectancy was..well.. not what it is now, mainly because we live in a toxic world. Too much stress brought by the high technology nowadays. Sleepless nights because of work. Too much time on social media. These are some of the primary contributors ,thus, making us sick and look ugly and older. Guilty here!

Japan’s Best-Kept Longevity Secret Revealed!

Just saying, i’m really a fan of anything Japanese. Good culture, kawaii everywhere, interesting manga, healthy lifestyle, awesome food options and their life-span. It actually crossed my mind why is it that we’re also an Asian country but still, they are one of the people who live well beyond their years across the world?

HyC Launch

A lot of people are worried about looking their age. So many brands have come up with anti-aging creams and what nots and it is always a big hit with the market. However, Japan is one step ahead and has found a way to make the anti-aging process easy breezy.

Fine Japan Premium HyC 150: Japan’s Best-Kept Longevity Secret

Collagen drinks in bottle forms are the thing nowadays and we can attest that since our most envied Asian neighbors when it comes to skin, Korean and Japanese, already got their hypes on it. It’s their youthful secret through the years along with proper balanced diet and exercise. But then as we think of it, isn’t it non eco-friendly, consuming bottled collagen drinks everyday? Fortunately, a well-known and trusted Japanese company, Fine Japan, already started an eco-friendly way of drinking collagen drinks, in powder form of course.

Premium HyC 150 now in the Philippines

Last Tuesday, I personally met Mr. Nobutsuna Sasaki, President of FINE Company Japan Ltd. looking proud and the person who brought Premium HyC 150 in the country as a new potent collagen drink and Japan’s Best-Kept Longevity Secret.

Reveal Your New Youth | Premium HyC 150

I always tell my Japanese friends how much I envy their smooth, clear, and youthful skin. How do they achieve it? Is it really just lifestyle and the cool Japanese air? They simply smile whenever I put my arm beside theirs and compare. Sighs. Can’t I really attain it? Alas, the best kept secret of Japanese for their healthy skin and age was revealed to me two days ago. Yay!

Japans Best Kept Longevity Secret

All of the nutrients that you need to be energetic and driven with a constant flow of youthfulness is in one health drink – Premium Hyc150, also known as Japan’s best-kept longevity secret.  Developed by FINE Japan Co. Ltd. and now available in the Philippines, Premium HyC 150 just might be the answer of modern nutritional technology to the concerns of the 21st century metrosexual male or female who want an extra source of youthfulness to deliver peak performance on the job, while living the lifestyle they want.  It may also be the closest thing to the proverbial Fountain of Youth, the legendary source of rejuvenation.