Feel beautiful inside and out

Look young. Feel young. Move young
Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop looking your best.
When you feel young, you should be free to look young as well.

It’s time to reveal your new youth
with HyC –a supplement drink that works
from the inside out to give you younger looking skin.

With a potent combination of Hyaluron (HA) and collagen,
your skin stays healthy and moisturized, making it more firm
and supple. Now, you can live beautifully at any age.

Fine Japan Co., Ltd.

A nutraceutical company based in Osaka, Japan that manufactures, researches, and develops health food supplements. For over 40 years, the company prides itself of advanced bio science and nano technology research, developing consumer products that effectively promote and maintain health and beauty.

Stories of Transformation

“After 4 days of consuming this, I’ve noticed my cheeks glow rosy pink from under my skin. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the product.”

Janice J.

After I drink Fine Hyaluron & Collagen, I saw my skin (get) better!”


“I will buy it again… because it tastes good, it’s affordable, and I want to keep myself looking young before problems start.”


“I noticed my acne scar on my chin has healed slightly faster than before. I feel more energetic.”

Michelle Tan

“I am a male using it because I am above 30… so I am trying to age in a more refined way.”

Scott Hallal-Negishi

“Always love this product.”

Sarinthip Sittiburi