Ruth Bulosan

“Before I started drinking HyC, I had so many blemishes. After several weeks, my pimples dried up and my pores became finer. I thought I was the only one who noticed the difference, but my friends started complimenting on my smoother and fairer skin too. I love the results. Drinking HyC is now a daily habit.”

Annie Mendoza

“When I hit my 30’s, I knew I had to take better of my skin –so I started taking HyC. I love looking at the mirror in the morning and seeing how fresh and young I look! It erased most of my blemishes and I now have whiter skin, too.”

Dr. Veronica Manook

“As a doctor, I’ve always known the benefits of collagen for the skin. But I was still amazed at the results when I tried HyC 150 for myself! I never thought I could still get younger-looking, glowing skin even at my age. I have less wrinkles and people can’t guess my age.”

Dr. Amelia M. Komiya

“Since I started using HyC 150, my pores have minimized and my skin’s much clearer and even-toned. It makes me look fairer, and I love the subtle glow I get. I feel so happy and confident in my own skin.”