FAQs (2)What makes Pearl Coix effective?

Pearl Coix is a proven ancient medicinal plant that is 100% organic. It is scientifically tested to naturally reduce melanin in the skin.

How often should I drink Pearl Coix?

You can drink Pearl Coix Extract Powder once a day on a regular basis to see results.

How long before I see any results?

On average, you should take Pearl Coix for at least 30 days for it to take effect.

Can I mix it with my food or alcohol?

Pearl Coix was initially designed to be mixed with water. But you can add it to any of your drinks. However, drinks like alcohol is not advisable. You can also try mixing it in your food but we highly recommend mixing it with just water, tea, coffee or milk.

Does Pearl Coix have any side effect?

FINE Pearl Coix Extract is natural, rich in nutrients, and safe for the body and skin.

Will Pearl Coix lead to pale and unnatural skin?

The continued use of Pearl Coix will result to a healthy, rosy and porcelain white skin.

Is Pearl Coix safe to use on skin with acne problems?

Coix has been in medical formulas for treating skin diseases such as acne and other swellings. So aside from porcelain white skin, taking Pearl Coix can also treat acne.